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Fire Doors

Function of fire doors

2018-06-05 10:20:21
Practical experience tells us that general cement wall buildings have adequate levels of fire protection , but sometimes the size of the flame is very large and spread rapidly to a wide area . In this case , a general door opening is not protected , and a fire door protecting a door opening cannot reach a sufficient level ,this is one of the causes of rapid fire spread .

The meaning of fire doors can be illustrated by the following examples:

1. Fire broke out in a building with brick walls and 2.5cm brick-thick transverse fire-proof partitions. A door opening in the firewall that is not protected by Fire Rated Doors along the workshop center aisle. The fire passed through the door to the next area

2. a brick made building, separated by a vertical firewall, has two door openings that are not protected by fire doors on the firewall. When a part of the warehouse is in fire, the fire passes through the opening to the other area.

3. On the third floor of an eight-story building under construction, the cargo broke through the burning floor along the stairs and spread to all five floors above. But the fire did not invade the floor from the reinforced concrete attic, as the entrance from the stairwell to the attic was protected by fire doors. The fire-proof door withstood fire for 40 minutes and prevented fire from spreading along the attic to the rest of the house.

Therefore, Even the fire door does not belong to the main component of the fire protection structure, though it is of great significance,the size of the fire inflammation depends on the particular configuration of fire door and the fire rating of the fire doors whatever the material of wood fire door or steel fire door.

Fire doors can be used in both industrial and civil buildings for the walls of firewalls, interior walls, walls between buildings, and other fire opening set up in wall structures for fire prevention

According to fire protection standards, fire doors ranges from 20 to 180 minutes fire rating can be used to separate the interior wall of the house, Fire doors should be provided wherever there are door openings.

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