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Fire Doors


Fire Doors

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    Material used in wood fire doors

    Material used in wood fire doors Wood fire doors are made of fire-retardant wood, fire-retardant wood-based panels or steel or other materials to make timber fire door frames, wood fire rated door-leaf skeletons and door-leaf panels. There are usually doors assembled with filling materials and fire-retardant hardware fittings in the wood fire doors. Therefore, the materials used to make wood fire ...
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    Fire doors are also important in homes

    Are you looking for effective fire protection? At home and in the company you will be able to serve fire doors . Do not you still have them and are you going to get them? In that case, pay enough attention to the selection, because not every fire door is able to withstand FIRE AS WE PROMISE . In the framework of independent tests, some systems have completely failed and have broken down after a fe...
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    the structure of fire door

    Fire doors are generally located at the following locations. (1) close the evacuation staircase to the walkway; close the elevator room to the front room and the front room to the aisle door. (2) the inspection door of vertical pipeline well such as cable well, pipeline well, flue drain, garbage channel, etc. (3) dividing fire-proof partition, controlling the firewalls and doors on fire-proof part...
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    Which is better for wood fire doors and steel fire doors?

    The fire doors are differentiated according to different materials, mainly wood fire doors and steel fire doors. There are also steel frame and wood panel fire doors and fire doors of other materials,However, few are used for steel along with wood types. 99% of the market is wooden fire rated doors or steel fire rated doors. fire-proof door as its name implies, wooden fire doors are wood doors tha...
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    What type of glass is heat resistant ?

    At start of this topic ,let’s learn some about glass classification when we consider buying a fire resistant glass There are 3 basic classifications of attributions of fire resistant glass, which could be used as a component of  fire resistant glazed system that usually contains  glass , frames, installation methods. This 3 basic classifications are E,EW and EI E= Integrity EW= flame ret...
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    Read this article,you know all about fire doors

    1. Classification of FIRE DOOR Steel fire door,wood fire door,steel frame and wood leaf fire doors,glass fire doors,glazed fire doors 2. FIRE DOORS are classified as Heat insulation fire door,partial heat insulation and non heat insulation types While typically saying about fire doors are all heat insulation type.which can meet fire resistance integrity and heat insulation requirements within spec...
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    Fire Door and fire emergency exit

    Once we talked about fire doors, quite a few people know that they are fire resistant rating doors to stop or reduce the spread of smoke and fire in the event of fire,just because of this,fire rated doors should be kept close all the time .as the fire spread out rapidly without notice and go into common escape corridor and in turn jeopardize peoples’ lives. but here i must point out that we need t...
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    Components of fire door

    The components of fire doors Fireproof door consists of door leaf, hanging devices and closing devices Fire leaf as the main parts of the door. The fire resistance of the door depends on it. Fire rated Doors are made of wood (common or fire resistant), metals (galvanized metal or steel) that have been insulated (Rock wool , mineral wool, perlite, etc.). The structure of the door is determined acco...
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    Function of fire doors

    Practical experience tells us that general cement wall buildings have adequate levels of fire protection , but sometimes the size of the flame is very large and spread rapidly to a wide area . In this case , a general door opening is not protected , and a fire door protecting a door opening cannot reach a sufficient level ,this is one of the causes of rapid fire spread . The meaning of fire doors ...
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